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DLC Commercial

Commercial real estate financing transactions are often quite complex. Trust the experts at DLC Commercial to get it done right! With over 18 years of experience, DLC Commercial can structure transactions that work optimally for all parties involved! Our professionals facilitate a smooth process that begins with initial discussions and ends with timely and problem-free funding.

As a fully diversified mortgage banking company, specializing in both residential and commercial mortgage financing, DLC Commercial possesses the capability to accommodate a range of financing needs. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, DLC Commercial services is active across Canada and fund mortgages in all major cities.

DLC Commercial is equipped with both the resources and knowledge to prepare and underwrite a broad variety of transactions, including computer modeling, visual aids, written presentations, and ancillary information. Our relationships among the lending community also help to empower DLC Commercial to identify the source of funds that will best meet the unique needs of each borrower.

CMHC Insured: DLC Commercial are experts at securing mortgage financing direct from CMHC. These insured financings offer considerable savings to the borrower in that it often offers a much lower overall cost to borrowing.

Construction: DLC Commercial has arranged construction financing for some of the largest projects in the marketplace. Our expertise in construction financing extends to both conventional loans and CMHC insured loans

Secondary: DLC Commercial maintains in-house funds for mezzanine and secondary financing to suit our clients’ needs. In some cases, we are able to fund up to 100% of the costs for a project.

Institutional Facilities: DLC Commercial deals with a number of institutional lenders across Canada, including: chartered banks, life insurance companies, pension funds, mortgage funds and governments.

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Whether your project is an apartment building, shopping centre, office building, or industrial property, trust Dominion Lending Centres Commercial to get you the best financing and terms to suit your needs!